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Built for the Enterprise
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Extract named and interpreted entities from documents
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Automatically fill user-defined forms
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Use natural language to search or match documents
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Redact sensitive data from documents
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Integrate with all existing content repositories and applications
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Develop enterprise workflows using flexible and powerful APIs
Uncover hidden insights
Extract and surface insights buried in structured and unstructured documents. Automatically fill and share user-defined forms with stakeholders.
Use natural language to search

Use natural language to easily find answers to important questions. No need to craft complex queries or navigate multiple dashboards.

Turn humans into superhumans

Automate 90% of manual effort while still allowing humans to review, verify, and provide feedback. 10x human bandwidth and productivity. 

Retain control of data

Retain full control of enterprise data by using the private cloud. Ensure privacy when using cloud-based LLMs by redacting sensitive information.

Contract Compliance

Enterprises are using the Document Copilot to automate contract compliance by rapidly processing thousands of vendor contracts, identifying deviations between corporate policies and contract documents, and automating compliance checks. Enterprise teams are also using it to search and converse with their contracts to find relevant sections, and summarize and surface key insights.

Enterprise_Contract Compliance
Enterprise_Enterprise Knowledge
Enterprise Knowledge Search

The Document Copilot is helping enterprise teams access and take advantage of corporate knowledge and ‘know how’ by  helping them rapidly search repositories and knowledge bases, and converse with documents to find what they need. These teams are now able to finish projects and tasks more easily, get onboarded more quickly, and learn and grow at their own pace.

Customer Outcomes

Enterprises are improving customer experiences and optimizing outcomes by analyzing customer communications across voice conversations, chats, and emails and assessing sentiment, topics, and the quality of conversations - and making actionable recommendations to  business leaders and users.

Enterprise_Customer Outcomes
Enterprise_Recruiting and Onboarding
Recruiting and Onboarding

HR teams inside enterprises are speeding up hiring and onboarding processes using the Copilot. It’s helping recruiting teams effectively match the ideal candidate with the appropriate role, with a high degree of accuracy. Additionally, it’s generating personalized onboarding content to help new hires become productive faster than ever before.

Connected with your Ecosystem

The Document Copilot seamlessly connects with commonly-used  applications and tools in the enterprise ecosystem such as Sharepoint, Documentum, Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive. This makes it easy for it to be plugged into different enterprise workflows and easily transfer data to and from these systems. Document Copilot for Enterprises - Integrations
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