Our vision

To democratize AI for enterprises.  

Why we built

Business leaders want to arm and equip their teams with the power of Generative AI. But building production-ready Gen AI apps requires a team of experts, can take months or longer, and can still result in hit-or-miss outcomes. That’s why we built - to provide enterprises a set of production-ready Gen AI capabilities delivered as AI Copilots that “just work”, seamlessly supported behind the scenes by a fully-integrated AI infrastructure stack, and designed to be seamlessly integrated into enterprise IT systems, tools and workflows.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help enterprise business leaders, business analysts, and data scientists easily harness the latest in AI, including Gen AI, GPT4, and foundational models, to accelerate business workflows and improve tangible outcomes.

Meet the
leadership team

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Peeyush Rai


CEO and Founder


Engel, Ph.D.

Head of Customer Success


Walter, Ph.D.

Sr. Engineering Manager

Our Investors is backed by leading venture capital firms and investors

- Tim Guleri,

Managing Partner,

Sierra Ventures

"I love investing in massive markets, clear pain points, and outstanding founders. I got all three with my investment in As the 400B AI market transitions from a nice-to-have to a must-have for all enterprises, AI consumption needs to get simpler. delivers on that promise in spades by providing an open yet integrated Low Code - No Code platform that delivers 100x time-to-value for global enterprises. I'm very excited to work with Peeyush, who's a triple-threat entrepreneur in this industry: he's got deep technical chops, amazing vision, and execution. Im excited to see what 2023 and beyond brings for "

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